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AUI Aiki Foundations: Buki DVD

DVD demonstrates a complete weapons program that can be used in conjunction with an empty hand curriculum covering the Aiki weapons: bokken, jo and tanto.
Includes stances, strikes, kata, partner drills and defenses.

DVD: $19.99USD plus $4.00USD S/H
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Asahikan Dojo’s Aikido 1, 2, 3
a beginner’s first steps

Includes basic falling and movement exercises along with the first five techniques: ikkyo, nikkyo, sankyo, yonkyo and gokkyo, weapons, knee walking and much more.
27 minutes

DVD: $14.99US each plus S/H $4.00US

The Perfect Storm: a Woman in Aikido
with Pamela Aloia

In an art where size, strength or gender are not a factor, women make perfect candidates for Aikido training.  Through a female perspective, this DVD displays the art’s multi-faceted approach to natural but dynamic movement   -emphasizing the daily practice of zazen, meditation, for clarity and enhancement of one’s training. 30 minutes

DVD: $19.99US each plus S/H $4.00US

Check out Pam Sensei’s new book “52 Pick Me Up” on sale now!

Aikido - an art in motion DVDs
with Michael and Pamela Aloia


This DVD focuses on the principle of Movement (dosa) and demonstrates several aikido techniques including irimi, sumiotoshi, kokyunage, koshinage, kokyuho, iriminage and kotegaeshi and ukemi
33 minutes

DVD: $17.99US each plus S/H $4.00US


Connection is the cornerstone of Aikido development. This DVD offers a variety of techniques to demonstrate Connection and it relationship to movement and execution.
43 minutes

DVD: $19.99US each plus S/H $4.00US


Control is the pinnacle of technique performance. The DVD displays numerous examples of Aikido techniques demonstrating control through irimi – entering, kuzushi – taking of balance, kake – execution, paths of motion and with ukemi – falling. 32 minutes

DVD: $19.99US each plus S/H


Weapons DVDs

Buki Tori DVDs with Michael Aloia - limited quantities remaining
From the 2009 Weapon Workshop series focusing on empty hand defenses against the tanto, jo and bokken.

Tanto Tori: 34 minutes
Jo Tori: 30 minutes
Tachi Tori: 32 minutes

Each DVD: $12.99US plus S/H $3.00US
Three DVD set - $33.00US plus S/H $4.00

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Essential Defense System Series
with Michael Aloia


Essential Defense, developed by Aloia Sensei, implements self protection through the principles of aikido in this 3 volume DVD set.
Based on five action words: Move, Connect, Strike, Takedown & Control, Essential Defense will build skill & confidence. Approx 90 minutes

DVD: $29.99US each plus S/H $4.00US

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Also Available:
Essential Basics of Self Defense Book & PC DVD by Michael Aloia


E.D.S. EMS Defensive Tactics Volume 1 NEW

This DVD demonstrates basic, fundamental defensive tactics that EMS, First Responders and other Public Safety Professionals can use to safely restrain and control a situation in the event it becomes physical.

A series of common scenarios including stand up encounters, pushing, against a wall, on the ground and confined spaces are explored.  Though each encounter is different, similar concepts and techniques will be used for distinction, retention and application. Approx 27 minutes

DVD: $16.99US plus S/H $4.00US



Rescuer Mindset by Michael Aloia, Brian P. Pasquale, Pamela Aloia
book - click on image to order



Rescuer Mindset has been written as the initial first steps to achieving a confident mental state by exploring the mind, body and spirit connections. This book helps the individual become more aware of others and themselves, and offers techniques to begin developing a positive, unstoppable mindset. Though geared towards those who work as Public Safety Professionals: EMS, Police, Firefighters, Rescuer Mindset can be easily applied to any walk of life, employment and/or situation. The concepts are universal and interchangeable. It will then be possible for the individual to adopt these doctrines as part of their everyday life as a means to accomplish and attain what they so desire.


How Aikido Can Change the World by Michael Aloia
book - click on image to order



PDF download only $2.99 - click here

Aikido, as a martial art, embraces both the physical aspects of enhancement as well as the spiritual growth of the individual. Each practitioner discovers and journeys their own unique path – gaining a new perspective of the world around them and of themselves. How Aikido Can Change the World is a road map of that journey of discovery. This book discusses Aikido beyond the physical aspects. While Aikido is a physical martial way, its philosophies and peripherals carry over far into a practitioner’s world if proper focus and realization are maintained. The author conveys his expedition of the art gained through personal experience, exploration and integration. How Aikido Can Change the World is definitely one that will be read multiple times, as each reading will provide further insight as the Aikido practitioner develops and grows. Change the World and become a fan of How Aikido Can Change the World at Facebook.com
2009 105 pages paperback

EssentialBasicsCover3 copy
52PickMeUpcover front

Essential Basics of Self Defense by Michael Aloia 2010
a practical guide for choosing, training and benefiting from a self protection program.  This book contains a PC DVD of the E.D.S Volume One course

Book/PC DVD: $17.99 US each plus S/H $4.00US.

Currently OUT OF STOCK

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52 Pick Me Up by Pamela Aloia 2nd Edition 2011 is a weekly inspirational roadmap to inner awareness. The weekly writings include metaphors with easy-to-relate-to aspects and links them with perceptions of inner spirit awareness. Also included with the weekly messages are exercises and affirmations that complement and enhance your personal spiritual development.

223 pages, paperback, $14.95USD plus S/H

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Spiritual Health
Nurturing Healthy Change
by Pamela Aloia 1st Edition 2011

Having issues achieving your dreams or reaching your goals? This eBook offers an understanding of how energy, thoughts, and love affect our ability and speed with which we get from one point to another in this game of life. Through diligent focus on a desired change coupled with an awareness of our thoughts and feelings surrounding the goal, takes us to our destinations with greater flow and quicker success.

eBook: $2.99 -
Book: $8.99
2011 March Baby Publishing - 58 pages

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Light Channels Meditation CD 2011


Light Channels Volume I Meditation CD
Meditations to fortify your light
by Pamela Aloia

Tracks: listen to a short MP3 clip
1 Introduction
2. Cleansing Breath
3. Standing in the Light
4. Transcendental
5. Sparkling City

Run time: approx. 50 minutes
CD format
2011 March Baby Publishing

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If you are looking to experience Aikido, Sensei is available to conduct seminars, workshops or special classes demonstrating the many facets of this multi level art.
Please contact the Dojo for more information.

Weapons DVDs

Books Available

“A pebble cast into a pond creates ripples.  Aikido is the pebble. We are the ripples.

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